South Jackson Civic Association

was formed in 1977 to “Save South Jackson”, a grass-roots effort to halt the destruction of the South Jackson School. Nestled in the core of the building is Tullahoma’s first public school built in 1886. We opened our doors as the South Jackson Civic Center in January, 1979 with our first performance. South Jackson Civic Association has operated for the past thirty years as a presenting organization, museum, and community resource serving the Middle Tennessee counties of Coffee, Moore, Franklin, Bedford, and Warren. The Civic Center contains rehearsal facilities, conference and meeting rooms, a 400-seat auditorium, full stage with proscenium arch and a local history museum.


The Big Payback — May 3 — 24 Hours of Giving

Midnight to Midnight



Your donation of $10 can help

 Provide snacks for the Children’s Summer Drama Camp

Provide  paper for the printing of show tickets

Provide candy for the concessions stand

Provide posters for the shows

Provide fliers to the schools for Education Outreach

Provide  2 seats for a child to attend an Education Outreach production


Your donation of $25 can help

 Provide a light bulb for a stage light

Provide a script for a children’s play

Provide 5 seats for a child to see an Education Outreach production

Provide snacks for one day of Children’s Drama Camp

Provide 3 t-shirts for Children’s Drama Camp


Your donation of $50 can help 

Provide a scholarship for one child to attend the

Children’s Summer Drama Camp

Provide archival supplies (acid-free document holders) for the Mitchell Museum

Provide a flag for display at “1776, The Musical”

Provide one costume for a child in “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe”

Provide ageing make-up for a stage production


Your donation of  $100 can help

 Provide an LED lighting fixture for the stage

Provide candy for the concession stand for a show

Provide travel for a volunteer or staff member to attend a Tennessee Arts Commission Conference

Provide membership for the Mitchell Museum in the Tennessee Association of Museums


Your donation of $250 can help

 Provide landscaping in the courtyard for a new stage area

Provide paint to refurbish the London Rehearsal Hall

Provide new curtains for the London Rehearsal Hall

Provide a tablet for use at the concession stand and box office to enable us to accept credit cards

Provide the supplies to build a surround for the orchestra in stage plays


Your donation of $500 can help

 Provide one LED followspot for use during stage productions

Provide the supplies to build 3 benches for the new stage area in the courtyard

Provide the supplies necessary to build a surround for the light and sound booth in the back of the auditorium